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Whether your patients provide saliva, blood or urine for testing, our laboratory can provide clinical toxicology results across a wide range of substances. Our high-throughput, high-sensitivity advanced technology detects substances at nanograms/milliliter (ng/mL). Not only do we offer testing for the substances below, we will work with you to validate new assays as your clinical needs indicate!

Reference Documents

These and other reference documents are available to our clinic partners.

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Which assay is best for me?

Point of Care vs. Immuno-assays vs. LC-MS/MS

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Immuno-assays vs. LC-MS/MS

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LC/MS-MS Test Description

Mass Spectrometry Testing

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Benzo, Opioid, Amphetamine and more!

Ordering Methods

We provide multiple convenient solutions to provide fast and simple ordering for patient testing that helps save time and creates an efficient process for your team. We want to provide you the easiest ordering process possible, so you can give more of your time to patient care.

Web Portal

Our web portal, LabNexus, ordering portal can be accessed from any computer, simply by visiting our website. There is an easy to find login portal in the upper right corner of the website which allows you to submit orders and view results as soon as they are posted by our lab. Your personal account manager will create as many custom logins for your clinic or clinic branch as you would like and can customize your dashboard for quick and easy test selection!

Two-way Interface

In some circumstances, it is appropriate to have a larger interface built to allow for instant communication between existing EMRs. Larger institutions with multiple ordering physicians may find this method of result and order transmission most beneficial. This information can then be directly placed into a patient’s medical record. EMR integrations often take 4+ weeks to build and require IS/IT support from both organizations to accomplish.

Sometimes, paper is best!

For smaller clinics who prefer to utilize paper copies to track orders, paper test requisitions are available. We can customize the form for your practice’s protocols for simpler, faster ordering without compromising patient care.

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