The pursuit of knowledge is a hallmark human endeavor.

At Assurance Laboratories, one of our foundational values is the constant seeking of novel solutions… being curious and challenging the status quo. This value has led us to constantly push forward new technologies and testing methods to respond to our clients needs. It is also the reason we enjoy working with and for researchers. We want to learn and grow with you.

If you are a researcher and need fast, precise results from a laboratory that is clinically compliant, CAP-accredited and CLIA-licensed, you can trust us to deliver quality results quickly at an affordable price point.

We are interested in advancing the frontiers of science across a range of topics, particularly those in which therapy and appropriate management of patient care can communities back to productivity.

Are you looking for a lab to help you get the data you need to create new knowledge?
Let’s connect, so that we can help you push those frontiers forward.

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