If you are a mental health provider and prescriber, you know that, quickly identifying an effective medication and using it to stabilize a patient is critical to care and well-being. While there are many medications available to treat both anxiety and depression, every patient’s biochemistry and drug metabolism are different. Treatments can often fail, and a patient seeking hope and help may not have the time to try a variety of therapies.

As early as 1957, evidence showed that a person’s genome might affect drug metabolism. Subsequently, most biochemists and prescribers have been aware of the cytochrome P450 metabolic cycles and variation of drug metabolism between individuals. More recently, scientists have begun to dive deeper into the relationship between genotype, phenotype and drug efficacy.

Citing evidence that pharmacogenomic testing reduces poorly compatible antidepressant prescriptions, increases compliance and thereby improves outcomes, insurers have recently begun covering pharmacogenomic testing – starting with and specifically for anxiety and depression. As the evidence in the field changes, Assurance Laboratories is sure to update our testing protocols to meet all provider needs.

We introduced pharmacogenomic testing in 2015 because our mission is to be innovators who inspire hope and confidence through science, and because we provide precise, timely and actionable information to promote well-being in the communities we serve.

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