It is a fact and a challenge in the practice of medicine that not all medications work predictably and to the same effect on diverse populations of people. For a range of conditions, monitoring medication metabolism, compliance and/or clearance can be valuable in managing ongoing treatment or modifying plans.

As pharmaceutical development and deployment grows increasingly sophisticated, the need for medication monitoring (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, or TDM) has grown. The following criteria may drive your decision to use Medication Monitoring (the assessment of drug and metabolite concentrations in plasma) to improve patient care1:

  • Monitoring drugs with narrow therapeutic ranges to ensure appropriate dosing
  • Ensuring that drugs with marked pharmacokinetic variability are at clinically relevant levels for a patient
  • Maintaining appropriate concentrations of drugs that are challenging to monitor
  • Balancing therapeutic and adverse effects of certain drugs

Our team and technology are always seeking novel applications for our robust capabilities, including medication monitoring in a variety of clinical care areas. Some examples of the relevance of these capabilities are:

  • Tuning the delivery of chemotherapeutic agents for the optimal and efficacious treatment of various types of cancer
  • Understanding the balance between dosing, compliance and effectiveness
  • Identifying potential adverse interactions that can either cause direct harm or decrease the effectiveness of a therapy

In addition to plasma testing to ensure medication dosing and efficacy, Assurance Laboratories can also support effective medication selection through the deployment of pharmacogenomic studies to assess medication effectiveness in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

1 Taken from Overview of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Korean J Intern Med. 2009 Mar; 24 (1): 1-10

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