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When you are engaging with contracted providers, you need partners who will be prompt, compliant and cost-effective.

At Assurance Laboratories, we work with a range of clients with diverse needs, so we are confident in our ability to tailor our test menu and services to fulfill your requirements.

Whatever your bid needs, we can likely fit your requirements with our existing offering. Frequently, we can enhance our offerings to meet new, emerging or rapidly changing needs, so that your community can count on us to confidently help you confirm treatment effectiveness and compliance.

At Assurance Laboratories, our values are all about TRUST. We :

Transcend customer expectations with superior service and innovation
Respect clients and each other by listening and appreciating different perspectives
Uphold high standards for accuracy, reliability and continuous improvement
Seek novel solutions, be curious and challenge the status quo
Thrive as a team with authenticity, accountability and doing the right thing

As you look at sources for your bids and Requests for Proposal, you can trust that we will work with you to ensure that you get the solutions you need at a price that is fair, and with service that exceeds your expectations.

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