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Frequently Asked Questions 


Do you offer walk-in testing for pre-employment or patient referred testing?

Yes, patients or prospective and current employee drug testing is available as a walk-in service. This service is available to employers or clinics who have an account established with us.  To set up an account, please call us at 414-640-8378.

What are your hours?

Assurance is open from 9am-5pm Monday – Friday.  Walk-in testing does not require an appointment, but it is first come first serve.

How do I get a test requisition to order a test?

If you are with a clinic or other health provider, please contact us directly to discuss at test@assurancelaboratories.com or 414-640-8378.  Test requisitions are custom tailored to the ordering practitioner’s needs during the on boarding process.  If you are a walk-in client, there is no test requisition needed.

What are your sample requirements?

Assurance can perform testing on Blood, Saliva, and Urine.   

  • Blood    4mL EDTA ambient
  • Urine 4mL (no specific cup requirements, point of care cups are acceptable)
  • Saliva Quantisal Oral Fluid Collection Device required (provided)
How do we get our patient samples to you?
Assurance Laboratories has a professional courier service available to most customers within our geography. Our couriers service an 80-mile radius from our lab. For customers outside our courier radius, we provide UPS shipping materials at no cost to you. Couriers are available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm for a scheduled routine pick up or an “as-needed” basis.
When can you pick up my sample?
Couriers are available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm for a scheduled routine pick up, or on an “as-needed” basis. We will work with you to arrange a schedule that works best for you.
Do you provide supplies for specimen collection?
Yes, we provide generic urine collection cups, saliva kits or EDTA blood tubes. We are not able to supply point of care cups for testing but do work with companies that are able to provide these for you at a low cost.
What should I do if I need to order more supplies for testing?
If you run low on supplies, please contact your account manager to order additional supplies or email us at test@assurancelaboratories.com
How long will it take us to start working with you?
Our onboarding team is well developed, and we have several team members available to support getting your clinic online. Depending on your preferences, we can have your account ready and prepare you to order and ship samples the same day. More complex requests may take a few additional days, but we will work with you.

Lab Results & Ordering

I have questions about my patient’s results. Who should I call?

A: Our technical experts are available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.  You can call our main number at 414-640-8378 and ask to talk with someone in the lab.  One of our technologists will be able to assist you.

Can I cancel a test?

Yes, if you notify your account manager or the lab before testing is performed, the order may be canceled.

How long do you retain samples after they are tested?

Any remaining sample left after our analysis is kept for 10 calendar days. Upon request, we will retain samples for longer.

I need a test run urgently, do you offer STAT or Rush testing?

Yes, if you have a patient sample that you need results for right away, we will run the sample as quickly as possible. Samples received at the lab before 9am can be resulted that same day, within 8 hours of arriving. Samples received after 9am would be resulted within 24 hours.

    What do I need to send with the patient’s sample?

    We require a signed test order and the patient’s insurance information with every sample. However, we offer an online ordering portal and work with interfaces as well, so paper is not always necessary. Your account manager will work with you during on boarding to find the method that works best for you.

    Can I order a test through a lab portal?

    Yes, we have an online web portal available directly through our website.  In the upper right corner, LabNexus, is our online web portal tool.

    How many users can my organization have for your lab portal?

    There is no limit to the number of unique users your organization can allow access to your organizations web portal.  Just talk with your account manager to set up new accounts or users.

    I forgot my password or am having issues logging into LabNexus, what should I do?

    Please contact your account manager to resolve this issue.  If it is a password issue, our account managers can reset it for you or troubleshoot what may be causing the login concern.


    Do you accept cash payment?

    Patients who do not have insurance can pay Assurance directly.  Contact your account manager for a fee schedule.

    What insurances do you accept?

    Assurance is pleased to be in-network with many insurance providers.  To view a list of our current in-network providers, click here, or visit our payor page located on the footer. 

    Can you bill clients directly?

    Yes, we can establish a direct bill process for your organization.  To learn more, please contact us so an account manager may reach out to you and discuss.

    What CPT codes do you use for your testing?

    Assurance laboratories performs high complexity liquid chromatography analysis of blood, urine, and saliva specimens.  Depending on the number of compounds analyzed, we have 4 main CPT codes that we use:

    • 1 – 7 drugs                  G0480
    • 8 – 14 drugs                G0481
    • 15 – 21 drugs              G0482
    • 22 or more drugs      G0483
      Do you bill our clinic or patient’s insurance?

      In most cases we bill the patient’s insurance. Assurance is in-network with many insurances reducing out of pocket expenses, if any, to your patient. If a direct bill is preferred, we would be happy to discuss this option with you.

      I have a question about my bill, who should I talk to?

      You can call Assurance at 414-640-8378.  Our billing team will gladly discuss your issue and help you through any necessary steps.  If we cannot help you, we will direct you to our billing partner, Advanced Physician Solutions, at 414-247-9005, ext 216 or 210.

      Will my patient receive a bill?

      In most cases, the patient’s insurance will cover the cost of the testing performed and billed for.  If insurance does not cover the testing, we will work with the patient directly to determine payment options.

      Walk-In Testing

      Do I need an appointment to do a drug test?

      No, we do not accept appointments.  We operate under a first come first served protocol. 

      What do I need to bring with me for a test?

      If you are a patient from a clinic that we service coming in to provide a sample, you need to bring your personal ID, a copy of your insurance if you have any, and the signed test order form provided by your physician every time you come.  We do not keep your information on file.  Any other type of walk-in visits requires just your photo ID and payment.

      Do I have to pay for my test up front?

      Depending on the purpose of your visit, we do require payment up front for testing. For pre-employment testing, we may have an account with the employer who referred you, in which case you do not need to pay. In some cases, however, employees will be required to pay for the test and their organization will reimburse you. For walk-in patient testing, we just ask that you bring your signed test order requisition, and a copy of your insurance and your ID.

      What forms of payment do you accept?

      We accept cash, and credit card payments.

      How old must an individual be to provide a sample?

      If you are a parent wanting to screen your child for drugs, you must accompany the minor for the visit.

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