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Designer Benzodiazepines (COMING SEPTEMBER 2022)

Designer benzodiazepines (DBZD) are a broad class of substances which are either available overseas via prescription, such as etizolam, or created in clandestine labs to mimic the effects of prescription benzodiazepines. These substances are used by individuals to replace or augment prescription benzodiazepines, with the benefit of not being detectable via standard toxicology testing for benzodiazepines. There is increasing evidence that the use of designer benzodiazepines is widespread.

Use of DBZDs may result in presumptive positive results via immunoassay testing that are unable to be confirmed by traditional mass spectrometry testing methods.  This is the very reason it is important to KNOW there are additional testing options available for suspected designer use.

Assurance Laboratories performed an internal experiment in which we tested multiple testing methods.  We did a point of care cup, an immuno-analyzer as well as a definitive test.  See the chart below for our findings.

As a trusted partner, Assurance Laboratories helps you stay in the KNOW. The testing we provide will always remain cutting edge and focused on new and emerging compounds so that you don’t have to worry.

Designer Benzodiazepines White Paper

Surprisingly, or not surprising, we found that a POC cup missed several compounds for initial detection.  However, we found all substances as detectable on an immuno-analyzer.  When taking those analyzer samples and sending them to confirmatory testing, all samples reported negative for our standard prescribed benzodiazepines.  Definitive testing is limited by its specificity to the compounds it detects, and we were not testing for the designer compounds in this experiment.

Since we were not testing for the DBZDs in this initial experiment, it provided a false negative result.  In a patient scenario, it would have likely been tacked up as a false positive result on the Point of Care or Immuno-analyzer for the clinician.  It’s through this model, that identifies the dire need to test for DBZDs specifically when use is suspected or when an IA/POC test is positive for benzodiazepines.  The substances we experimented with were selected based on their prevalence and likely detection within the community. They are all now available upon request for definitive testing. On the right, you can find the results of our experiment.

To learn more or to add these compounds to a patient work-up, please contact your account manager directly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What compounds have you added?

We have validated six designer benzodiazepines that have become present within our community. We have systematically added these based on how frequently they have been seen in local overdose cases.

Flualprazolam                                                Etizolam                                                Pyrazolam                                                  Clonazolam                                  Flubromazepam

How do I order these drugs?

Currently these substances are available as requested in an ad-hoc fashion. These substances are of concern in the community but not at a frequency that warrants inclusion in a routine work-up. Talk with your account manager to learn more or check out our literature on this page!

What sample type is this available for?
Assurance performs testing for these compounds exclusively in urine. We plan to bring this up in other matrices in the near future.
How long does it take to get results?

Results are posted within 48 hours.

Will this cost more to get these substances?

Any order that requests we test for benzodiazepines and additionally ad-hoc orders the DBZDs as part of their work up will receive no additional charges. Since the new DBZDs are included as part of the existing benzodiazepine drug class for billing purposes, there is no additional cost to know more!

Contact your Account Manager to learn more!

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