Community Organizations

Communities thrive when their members can participate fully in the fabric of that community.

If you manage a program to help members of your community progress on a path to well-being, you are managing complex social, emotional and financial concerns. Caring for your clients is both your purpose and a profession.

At Assurance Laboratories, we know that your clients trust you to get them back into their lives safely. And you need the best information quickly in order to help them succeed in your program. We offer customized solutions for sample pickup, test turnaround, billing and reporting that enable you to focus on caring for your clients.

Our robust test menu and sensitive testing equipment ensure that you can trust in the results you get from Assurance. We focus on prompt, accurate and precise testing so that you can use actionable information to help your patients and clients progress on a path to recovery and healing.

You can rely on our CAP-accredited and CLIA-licensed facility to deliver results with the documentation and rigor that you need to ensure both the quality of your service to the community and compliance with any public program directives. Our systems ensure that you have what you need to deliver high quality results and progress for your clients.

Let’s work together on creating healthy communities!

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