Independent Clinics

Independent Clinics are an integral
part of healing for many individuals.

You are a leader and the key to so many successful journeys to wellness, woven into the community near the places that your patients work and live. At Assurance Laboratories, we have worked with many independent clinics so we are experienced at being your partner for patient care.

Caring for patients in an independent clinic means that you do not have the time, staff or resources to deal with too much paperwork, and you cannot afford to wait on results or try to chase them down. At the same time, it’s critical that you know that your patients are taking the right medication at the right dose at the right time, and nothing else. We have the technical capability to give you confidence quickly… enabling you to focus on caring for your patients, not being uncertain.

We also know it is not just about technology. Our team is focused on giving you fast results with the insight to understand the need for and implications of compliance testing. We can work with you to bill your third party payers and even support sample collection at our site or at home for your client so that you aren’t overwhelmed by administrative tasks.

Our responsive team and service can get your samples and deliver same-day results upon request!

If you provide services outside of addiction medicine and pain management, we have a range of other clinical toxicology and therapeutic medication monitoring capabilities. Please contact us so that we can design the right offering for you.

From our inception, Assurance Laboratories has sought to build trusting relationships with our independent clinic partners. Give us a chance to transcend your expectations and deliver novel solutions that will support the hard work that you have done to build and sustain your practice!

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