Patient care to achieve well-being

Patient care to achieve well-being is the centerpiece of your practice. When your patients need the highest standard of care to achieve stabilization, you cannot afford anything less than the highest standards at the fastest speeds with the latest technology.

We offer high-sensitivity toxicology testing to support your patient care delivery on a path to well-being. We confidently do this through:

  • State-of-the-art LC-MS/MS analysis, ensuring both sensitivity and specificity
  • A broad test menu which enables you to evaluate compliance, efficacy and faster medication compatibility
  • Maintaining both CAP Accreditation and CLIA Certification

Our organization is geared towards giving you confidence to manage patient care with the best information available. To that end, we are constantly updating our test menu (link) and methodologies to reflect the latest relevant science available. For example, we are able to offer pharmacogenomic testing to enhance identification of the most relevant and compatible medications for individual patients, when needed.

Same day results available!

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